Improve Knee Osteoarthritis with a Daily Walk

May 6, 2016 in STSMPT

Adding to the body of research proclaiming the benefits of walking is a recent study showing that a daily walk can help improve knee osteoarthritis (OA) and prevent disability. OA is the leading cause of functional limitation, such as difficulty walking and climbing stairs, among older adults.


Nearly 1,800 adults, with an average age of 67, participated in the study. Each participant had or was at risk for knee osteoarthritis and had their steps counted each day using a pedometer. The researchers evaluated the participants over a two year period and discovered that for each additional 1,000 steps taken, functional limitations were reduced 16% on performance-based measures such as gait speed and 18% on self-reported measures.


In addition, there are multiple effective therapy options for relieving osteoarthritis pain. Adding physical therapy can create long-term benefit with an emphasis on flexibility and function.


Source: White DK, Tudor-Locke C, Zhang Y, et al. Daily waling and the risk of incident functional limitation in knee osteoarthritis: an observational study. Arthritis Care & Research, 2014; 66 (9): 1328-1336.

Knee Arthritis Walk

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