Tips for Sticking with Physical Therapy “Homework”

February 9, 2018 in STSMPT

Most physical therapy and rehabilitation programs have patients do exercises at home as part of the regimen. In many ways, take-home exercise is just as important as the work done in the clinic. However, research shows that as little as 35% of patients adhere to these exercises. It’s important to stay on top of at-home exercises as these exercises help speed along the recovery process. Below are tips for sticking to the at-home regimen.

Have a goal in mind for the recovery. It doesn’t have to be a huge one like working towards a triathlon, but having a goal is a great motivating factor. Patients who have some type of goal in mind are much more likely to adhere to their homework.

Be open if you falter. Sticking to any kind of exercise routine is difficult. Slip-ups are not uncommon. If you find yourself lapsing at home, be open about it with your therapist. Go over what is causing you to not stick to the routine. A good therapist can help you find a way around whatever it is that’s holding you back.

Plan ahead. Time management is a major reason why people don’t stick with their homework. Looking at your daily routine written down can help you find time periods where the exercise can fit in. For example, you could do some simple exercises while watching TV.

The at-home exercises prescribed by therapists can seem unnecessary, but they aren’t. Keeping up with the at-home exercises is a major part of the recovery and rehabilitation process.

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