Training Tips for Running Your First 5k

November 22, 2013 in STSMPT

More and more people are joining the race, according to Running USA, especially the 5k distance which had over 5.2 million runners in 2011. Bill Pierce, co-author of Run Less Run Faster, says that even if you are a first time runner, 3 months of training is all you need to take part in a 5k.

Here are some tips Pierce offers for preparing for your first 5K.

* The first few weeks of training should be a combination of jogging and walking, the majority of which should be walking. Then start increasing the jog time and decrease the walk time until you can run the full distance.

* Don’t push yourself too hard, too fast to keep from getting discouraged or injured. Other ways to prevent injuries is to have good running shoes and to practice good form and posture.

* Incorporate some strength training into your workout routine such as squats, lunges, and hill running.

* Stay hydrated before, during, and after running and other workouts.

* Post race/workout cool down and stretching are important to prevent injuries and help the body recover.

So what are you waiting for? These simple steps could have you running your first 5k in 12 short weeks.

As always, people with health issues should consult a health care professional before changing activity levels or exercise routines. [end]

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