Physical Therapy in Pain Management

With the country fighting an ever-growing battle against the opioid epidemic, safer options are getting the attention they have long deserved. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is becoming more adamant about avoiding opioid use for most pain treatment. Physical Therapy is one of their recommended alternatives. It’s considered safe and treats the pain through movement, rather than just masking it. Let’s discuss four ways physical therapists treat pain.

One is exercise. Studies show that people who exercised regularly experienced less pain. Among the population of those who exercise more than 3 times a week, chronic pain was 28% less common. Physical therapists can prescribe exercise routines specific to your goals, needs, and conditions.

Second is manual therapy. Research backs up the hands-on approach of physical therapy in not only reducing pain but improving overall movement. A physical therapist can use a wide variety of treatment methods in treatments.

Third is education. It is important to talk about pain and pain management with clients extensively. Studies on the military show that those who received education sessions about pain were less likely to seek drugs or invasive methods of pain treatment.

Fourth is teamwork. Studies show that developing a good relationship with a physical therapist and being active in your own recovery majorly impacts success for the better.

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