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Physical Therapy and Managing Pain. Picture of a young black female assessing where a young caucasian male has pain in his arm.

Physical Therapy and Managing Pain

With the country fighting an ever-growing battle against the opioid epidemic, safer options are getting the attention they have long deserved. Physical Therapy is one of the recommended alternatives by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). It’s considered safe and treats the pain through movement, rather than just masking it. Let’s discuss four ways physical […]

Falls in Older Persons: Risk Factors and Prevention. Picture of a young black female aide assisting an older black female getting up after a fall.

Falls in Older Persons: Risk Factors and Prevention

Falls are a marker of frailty, immobility, and acute and chronic health impairment in older persons. Falls in turn diminish function by causing injury, activity limitations, fear of falling, and loss of mobility. Most injuries in the elderly are the result of falls; fractures of the hip, forearm, humerus, and pelvis usually result from the […]

Will Frozen Shoulder Get Better on Its Own? Picture of a young caucasian female getting her shoulder worked on by a young caucasian male physical therapist.

Will Frozen Shoulder Get Better on Its Own?

Roughly one out ten cases of shoulder dysfunctions are some level of frozen shoulder (more specifically adhesive capsulitis).1 Frozen shoulder causes shoulder pain and range of motion that gets increasingly restricted over time. This results from the capsule surrounding the shoulder joint becoming progressively thicker and tighter. Frozen shoulder proves debilitating for many, but most […]